The Aeroquip Company is a huge company which has had many acquisitions

Since 1940. We are only documenting select information, you can find much more

information by searching on the internet.


Aeroquip = Aeronautical + Equipment

1939         Peter F. Hurst, a German immigrant comes to America.


1940         Mr. Hurst’s first product was a reusable coupling for aircraft brake hose. He convinces ten men in Jackson, MI to finance his endeavors, an abandoned milk processing plant is purchased and the company begins.


1941         Mr. Hurst, who is not an American citizen, is not permitted by the government to enter his own factory. He appoints a president in his absence, and he is considered a consultant. He runs the company while he works for the Coca-Cola Company reconditioning used metal bottle caps.


1943         Mr. Hurst is permitted to enter his factory. Aeroquip sells huge amounts of product to the government to support the war effort.


1945         Peter F. Hurst becomes an American citizen.

               **** After WWII Aeroquip sales drop 83%.


1947         Aero-Coupling Company of Burbank CA receives patent approval on a crimp   style hose coupling on Dec. 30 1947, patent #2,433,425.


1948         Aeroquip acquires Aero-Coupling, its first acquisition.

               **** Aeroquip keeps Aero-Coupling a separate corporation. It appears that both companies bid on government contracts even though they are the same company.



1950         Company went public.


1953         All production moved to Van Wert, Ohio.


1957         Aero-Coupling dissolved as a company.


1963         Aeroquip purchases Republic Rubber Hose Plant.



&70’s        Many acquisitions take place.


1990         100 Aeroquip plants worldwide.


1995         Aeroquip Express concept implemented.


1999         Sold to Eaton Corporation.




The original Aeroquip Corp. Plant
at 300 S. East Ave. The sign was
removed from the building in 2006.
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