One of the greatest unknowns to the general public is that Caterpillar invented a Four Spiral Hose in 1966 and supplied many of the major hose suppliers such as Gates, Parker, and Weatherhead with hose up until the 1990’s.


XT-3 Style Caterpillar Coupling This is technically a reuseable fitting,however it could also be considered a press on fitting as well. This fitting is still used today by Caterpillar. Patent # 3,325,194 A


Four Spiral Hose,Sae 100R10, which was later changed to Sae 100r12. Caterpillar still produces this hose today in Illinois. It is used for the XT-3 version coupling. Hose assemblies with crimp style Cat fittings are made with fittings from Anchor Coupling and hose from Rapisarda. Both companies are owned by Caterpillar.

Patent # 3,357,456 A

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