The Couplamatic trademark has been owned by four different companies. The original owner was Marks Morrison, he was a B29 pilot during WWII. In 1952 Morrison started an International Harvester dealership in Lyman, Nebraska.


1958       Morrison first started manufacturing Couplamatic swage fittings.


1959       Patent #3048212 was filed for a swage style crimper.


1966       The company had 32 employees and 50 distributors.


1967       Couplamatic was sold to The Samuel Moore Company.


1967       House of Hose began in Alliance, Nebraska in the old Great Western

              Sugar building. It is believed that Marks Morrison had a financial interest

              In House of Hose at this time. Mr. Morrison was a wealthy businessman

             In Lyman, Nebraska . He owned The Farmers State Bank and several

              Other ventures. He never returned to the industry again.


1978       Samuel Moore sold the Couplamatic Company to Eaton Corporation.


1999      House of Hose, now known as Couplamatic Systems, acquires trademark                                   rights to Couplamatic from Eaton.



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