1948         Risse and Miller Company created for the purpose of selling agricultural equipment.


1950’s       Ramco Industries formed by Risse and Miller for the purpose of fabricating hose couplings and hose assemblies.


1965         Ramco purchased additional used equipment to fabricate hose fittings from American Coupling of Warren, MI. Hose coupling design was similar to the Couplamatic swage style.      


1969         Dayco purchases Ramco. Swage style fitting is phased out.


1970’s       SB, SC and SA style hose couplings replace Ramco style swage couplings. Dayco purchases Electric Hose & Rubber which owned a hose manufacturing facility in Nebraska, now owned by Parker.


1980’s       BW style coupling designed.


1991         Dayco purchases Anchor Hose and Swan Rubber.


1996         Dayco purchases Imperial-Eastman, products are merged. HU & SB designs became the HY series couplings.            


2001         Parker acquires Dayco Products then sells back specific parts of the company to Mark IV Automotive which is now the company that has the rights to the Dayco product name.

                Dayco Products now outsources its hydraulic hose and fitting products to both domestic and overseas manufacturers.




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