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Listed below are a few key dates regarding Gates Hydraulic Hose and Fittings. Please look to the bottom of this page for info we are in need of.


1911         Charles C. Gates starts business


1952         Dealers begin to advertise Gates Hydraulic Hose and reusable   



1963         Lok-Pin fittings patented #3,181,900.


1963         Power Crimp 500 Crimper introduced, crimper was similar to Gates 601.


1976         Iola, Kansas plant opened.


1978         Thermo Plastic Hose introduced.


1979         3000 B crimper patented.


1986         Gates purchases Uniroyal.


1988         Omni Crimp patent #4,885,928.


1993         Mega Crimp patent #5,267,758.




Info We Need To Complete This Profile

1. What company besides Jones Enterprises supplied Gates the Power Crimp style couplings?

2. What years were the following crimpers introduced?

a) 700

b) 701

c) 703

d) 707

3. What was the first year Gates sold Hydraulic fittings?

4. Which plants manufactured Hydraulic hose prior to Iola, Kansas?

5. Which year did the PCS coupling first become available?


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