Gates Rubber Company

The Gates Rubber Company patent information is limited. We could find no reference to Crimp Style Hose Couplings with the exception of the 1 piece Mega Crimp, 1991. You can see 1963 Crimper information at our Gates Veteran page.


Gates 3000 B Hose Crimper 2” ID.

Patent # 4,244,091


We believe The 3000 A was produced in 1976 or 1977. We could use some help on this.


Gates Omni Crimper.

Patent # 4,885,928


We feel The Crimper may have been released earlier.


Gates Mega Crimp

Patent # 5,267,758


Gates promotes The Mega Crimp as revolutionary. However, the concept was created in 1918 by Edgar Greve. (see patent below # 1,300,956 A)


The Gates engineering even references the 1918 patent application. The Gates patent image above does not reflect the final working part. The “C” clamp final version had a greater similarity to the 1918 invention. (see your Gates Catalog for “C” Clamp final image)

Patent #3,181,900A Gates
Lok-Pin Reuseable fitting
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