Hosecomatic was started in 1985 by Greg Hoback, a former Imperial Eastman engineer. Patent number 4655064 posted to your right,  shows The Roto Crimper Design which represents The Hose Coupling Spinning Method of crimping fittings, which dates back to the 1920’s. Hosecomatic owned by Hoseco Inc. Of Arvada. CO was the company that originally sold The Crimper System and it’s related fittings. Hosecomatic had a very small staff consisting mostly of family members. The Company promoted the product, but apparently they were not able to build the company to a higher level due to limited cash and marketing.


     It is unsure how many companies actually participated in manufacturing of the fittings during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. We have obtained sample products with blister packaging that indicate the name Signal Hill Company of Arvada, CO. However no data can confirm the Signal Hill Company at this time. It is believed that Couplamatic machined the individual parts and that Hosecomatic assembled the fittings.


     In 1995 Larry Peterson owner of the former Jackson Industries purchased the patent rights of The Hosecomatic System. Hosecomatic reached the market place by attending trade shows in The USA. Their customer base in The USA were not traditional hose distributors but companies such as McMaster Carr, Grainger White Cap and Forney Industrial. Most product was sold overseas. In fact 105 different countries distributed the product.


    Around the year 2001 Larry Peterson stopped Marketing the Hosecomatic System and stepped away from the hose business. The largest customer was called Spaldings in the UK. They still support the product in Europe.

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