The Hydraulic Crimp Fitting Museum


Gates Rubber Company


A. Gates once owned an egg producing factory called Gates Cyclo

B. In 1970 the U.S. Government informed Gates Rubber that they must sell their Nephi, Utah plant. In 1973 a company from California called NRP Inc. purchased the plant. The NRP Company could not make a respectable profit and sold the company in 1986. A government subsidy was granted and the buyer received $700,000.

C. The Lear Jet Company was owned by Gates from 1967 until 1990.

D. Gates was the inventor of the 8-track stereo.

Electric Hose and Rubber

A. Originally started as Chicago Electric Wire Company in 1896.

B. Adolph Segal, the president of the company in the 1900’s was declared insane by physicians.

C. The decision to open a hose plant in McCook, Nebraska was made at a family reunion in Kentucky.


Marks Morrison owner of Couplamatic prior to 1968

A. Once purchased 80,000 women’s wigs to make a profit.

B. Owned his own bank.



A. 1976 President T. Cullen Davis is charged with killing his step daughter and his ex wife's boyfriend. In addition he was charged with attempted murder of his ex wife. Cullen Davis was eventually acquitted of all charges but has spent the rest of his life trying to clear his name. There is a huge amount of information on the Internet regarding this incident. It is believed that the 1970’s Dallas Character JR Ewing was a representation of the T. Cullen Davis character.

Samuel Moore

A. Once manufactured Hula-Hoops.


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