NRP Jones

NRP Jones is located in LaPorte, Indiana and is the only family owned hydraulic hose and fitting manufacturer in the USA.


1945 Screw Machine products founded by Keith Jones.


1951 Company begins to produce a two piece hose coupling for various hose assembly companies as well as one major hose and fitting manufacturer, which many industry professionals believe to be the Gates Rubber Company.


1975 Jones Enterprises advertises two piece skive fittings to distributors.


1976 Non skive R1/R2 ferrules are introduced.


1979 Two piece skive for spiral couplings released.


1985 Jones family and the Cypher Company of Pittsburgh purchases NRP, Nephi Rubber Co.


1987 First crimper promoted.


1991 Jones Enterprises gains 100% control of NRP from Cypher Company, business begins as NRP Jones.



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