Acquiring detailed and accurate history of The Parker Appliance Company prior to 1938 has proven difficult. There seems to be conflicting accounts of the first seven years of the company. The information we have provided has come from several sources. Listed below are the sources we used to gather this information.


1.    The Ohio Secretary of State Archives.

2.    The History of Cleveland website.

3.    Funding Universe.


5.   “The Making of a City”, by William Ganson Rose.




1917         Five men file papers with The State of Ohio  to form The Parker Appliance Company, Entity #46065 dated March 13, 1917.

J L Vaughn

        Brennan B. West

                     R H Parker (Robert Parker)

W T Mallo

A L Parker

        The registered business address at that time was 1115 Schofield Bldg.,    Cleveland. The Schofield building was a 14 story business complex. According to the Articles of Incorporation document A130_977, the purpose of the corporation was manufacturing and dealing in both whole sale and retail automobile parts and accessories.


1918         Articles of Incorporation amendments after 1917 show A.L. Parker as                  

                President and J.L. Vaughn as secretary.


1918         Arthur L. Parker promotes The Parker Appliance Company, his product is a Pneumatic Brake Booster for trucks & buses.


1919         Arthur L. Parker’s truck, with complete inventory, rolls off a cliff. He loses everything and cannot start his business again until 1924.

Version 1 story -      Truck rolls off a cliff due to a blown tire.

Version 2 story -      Truck rolls off a cliff after hitting a patch of ice in PA.

Version 3 story -      Truck rolls off a cliff when his Pneumatic Brake system

                             fails while on a test drive.  


Sources: Parker Hannifin website, Funding Universe website, History of                                         Cleveland website.                                 


During the years of 1920 to 1924 Arthur L Parker was employed as an Engineer by his former employer.


1924         Arthur Parker starts business again. Many patents for tube fittings and related items during the 1930’s. Earliest know patent is #1,619,755A.


1924         The Ohio Secretary of State declares The Parker Appliance Company Entity #46065 as a dead corporation on Feb. 15th 1924.

               Arthur Larue Parker starts The Parker Appliance Company the second      time on Oct. 31, 1924 at 10320 Berea Rd. in Cleveland.

                Reference: “The Making of a City”, by William Ganson Rose.

1935         Parker Appliance Company moves to 17325 Euclid Ave., Cleveland      Ohio.


1938         Parker Appliance Company becomes a public company.   


1938         The Parker Appliance Company incorporates again on Dec. 30, 1938,      Entity    #175441.


                Listed on Articles of Incorporation documents are:

               E.P. Stocker

               Earl P. Schneider

               Walter Gaetjens JR.


1940         Amended Articles of Incorporation show A.L. Parker as president and          A.L. Bigelow as secretary. WWII  Parker Appliance Company has over 5000 employees, after the war they have 200.


1945         Arthur Parker dies.


1951         Parker Appliance Company purchases Eaton Screw Products.

               The companies merge in 1956.


1957         Acquisition of Hannifin Company. Products were cylinders and valves.

1970’s       55 series products (swage couplings).


1980         Introduced first crimp style fittings for 100R1 & R2 hose (43 series).

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