1938    Anchor coupling was formed by two former Eastman MFR Employees.

          Charles l Conroy and Walter Fritsch.


1940’s  Anchor made hose assemblies for the US government.


1950’s  Company grew in the hose assembly business.


1956    Anchor Coupling was proposing to sell it company to Borg Warner. A

          complex chain of events occurred which initiated a 5 year lawsuit. The

          lawsuit created difficulties for the company.


1961    President Walter Fritsch dies two days after trial begins in October 1961 a

           Settlement was reached. Shortly after Charles Conroy dies.


Late 1960’s

          Anchor coupling starts manufacturing their own hose.


1970’s  Anchor Coupling bought and sold several times.


1982    Anchor coupling announced it was going out of business.  Goodyear

          purchases the company.


Anchor was bought and sold again. Eventually they became a division of Caterpillar in 1993.

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