Samuel Moore & Company


Samuel Moore & Company


1935         Samuel Moore was on the board of directors for The Colson Corporation of Elyria, OH.


1938/39     Samuel Moore Company started in Kent, Ohio supplying rubber products to the bus industry.


1939         Patent #2,205,044, rubber mat for bus steps.


1945         It is believed an extruder was purchased to make plastic sleeves for hand rails on buses.


1948         Moved to Mantua, Ohio, built plant at Main St. and Orchard.


1950’s       Started to produce various types of plastic tubing.


1958         Synflex Trademark application.


1959         Nylon hose patent #3,062,241.


1960         Samuel D. Moore dies.


1961         Swage hose coupling patent #3,165,338A.


1960’s       Swage couplings made by Imperial Eastman, reusable couplings made by Parker.


1967         Purchased Couplamatic of Lyman, NE. Couplamatic was a manufacturer of swage couplings for 100R1 and 100r2 hose. Began producing 100R7 style couplings after 1967.


1970’s       Controlled 80% of the market on “Bundled Hose Assemblies” or “BOP Controller Hoses”.


1975         Created the “coil air” red and blue truck coil air brake hose sets.


1978         Sells Synflex/Samuel Moore Company to Eaton, who later sold it to Furon in 1987.





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