The Weatherhead companies historical information has been difficult to acquire

during our research. Patent documents are available prior to WWII and after 1969.

Newspaper archives reveal little information in our research.Your input would be appreciated.


1919         Albert J. Weatherhead JR. began his business , primary products were drain cocks.


1930’s       Many patents granted for hydraulic brake fittings.


1933         The company is incorporated and registers the W Trademark.


1940’s      Weatherhead produced many aircraft parts for WWII.


1956        Aluminium air craft parts produced.


1957        Aeroquip grants rights to Weatherhead to manufacture the “Super Gem” reusable hose coupling for Aeroquip.


1966       Albert J. Weatherhead JR. dies.


1969       Coll O Crimp system begins to take form. See original crimper patent #3,720,088A.


1977       Dana Corporation purchases Weatherhead.


2002       Dana Corporation sold to Eaton.




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